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Avoidable pressure ulcers are a key indicator of the quality of nursing care. Preventing them happening will improve all care for vulnerable patients. The ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign was launched by NHS Midlands and East as part of their ambition to make life better for patients. The campaign is now being rolled out nationally, with NHS England, NHS Improving Quality and Haelo joining forces with other partners to support a 50% reduction in pressure ulcer prevalence throughout winter 2013/14.

Learning To Stop The Pressure

How to prevent and treat pressure ulcers:.

Pressure Ulcer Path

How to prevent and treat pressure ulcers:.

Stop The Pressure Video

Stop the pressure

Pressure ulcers cause patients long term pain and distress. If you're a healthcare professional, please take a look at this two minute animation, which might be full of surprises and practical help for you and your colleagues.

Wall of Achievement

The Wall Of Achievements is designed to collect and share all of your wonderful stories and experiences.

SSKIN - five simple steps

How to prevent and treat pressure ulcers:.

A SSKIN Pilot Ward

A SSKIN Pilot Ward

Westcliff Ward at Southend University Hospital was chosen as one of the pilot ward for the Stop the pressure collaborative. Westcliff ward is a 25-bedded acute medical ward specialising in infectious diseases and endocrine medicine with a diverse patient group from young to old. Watch how they got on with Stop The Pressure .

Stop The Pressure

Stop the pressure

As part of the 'Stop the Pressure' campaign this video was produced by East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust hospital staff to convey key messages regarding pressure ulcer prevention.

Michael McGrath's story

Michael McGrath's story | How to prevent pressure ulcers

Michael McGrath tells us his story and why he is involved in the campaign to eliminate grade 2 3 4 pressure ulcers. Talks through how to prevent pressure ulcers.

Stop the Pressure Month

The key aim of the stop the pressure month in November 2014 is to maintain and build momentum in relation to the reduction of pressure ulcers; with a view to the ‘Stop the Pressure’ resources and methodology being utilised across England in both primary and secondary care.

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STP Lincoln Video

Stop the Pressure Lincoln

Highlights from the Stop the Pressure Lincoln event held for 500 student nurses and care makers at the Engine Shed, Lincoln on 15 October 2013