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Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Leaflet

Prevention of Pressure Ulcers Leaflet

During my daily working as a District Nurse, I identified a need for further educating carers, in the prevention and care of pressure ulcers. I discovered carers only had a one off online training and pressure ulcer training wasn’t always mandatory. They often had quick inductions which led to a lack of knowledge to understand the importance of skin care and the basics of how to identify pressure damage early and act quickly. I identified that this lack of knowledge not only put the patient at risk, but placed carers in a very vulnerable position.

Therefore, I designed an ongoing step by step, educational tool that could be used at every episode of care which could be used nationally, so that all carers would be educated in the same way. Every carer either community or residential based would be using a methodical, evidence based tool that everyone recognised.

The tool is based around the 5 principals that make up the SSKIN model


Using a traffic light system the guide comprises of pictures of each category of pressure ulcer including a description on one side, leading to guidance on the other side. The main concept of my step-by-step tool is to standardise carers education in order to bridge the gap between education and practice A few minutes looking at the tool would not only aid identification of pressure ulcers but save everyone the time of added visits, paper work and cost. Which given the opportunity I’m sure people would appreciate would be beneficial to all.

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