Patient Stories                    

These are stories which have been collected over the years from patients we have worked with. 

Swan's Story

Richard developed an avoidable pressure ulcer during respite at a nursing home. The experience has inspired him and his carer wife Doreen to help inform and educate -- in the hope that together we can eliminate avoidable pressure ulcers.

Ralph's Story

Ralph, living with MS, talks about how good care from community nurses in Kent has helped prevent pressure ulcers.

Michael McGrath's story

Michael McGrath's story | How to prevent pressure ulcers

Michael McGrath tells us his story and why he is involved in the campaign to eliminate grade 2 3 4 pressure ulcers. Talks through how to prevent pressure ulcers.

Tricia's Story

Andrea's Story

Brian's Story

Daniel’s Story

NELFT sat down with Daniel to talk about the impact that pressure ulceration has had on his life and the simple steps we can all take to prevent these life-changing injuries