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We know it takes lots of hard work at the frontline to make Stop The Pressure a success. We’d love to hear your stories about Stop The Pressure so we’ve created a Wall Of Achievements to collect and share all of your wonderful stories and experiences.

Please send us your story (300 words is ideal but shorter or longer won’t be a problem. We might have to edit some stories) and a photo would be great if you have one.

We’d really like to share your name and where you work with readers but if you don’t want us to use your name please let us know.

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Working well together to stop the pressure

Wirral University Teaching Hospital | NHS Foundation

Pressure ulcers are not a sore subject for discussion at Wirral University Teaching Hospital.

As part of the recent worldwide ‘Stop Pressure Ulcer Day’, the Trust held a....

Keeping up the pressure

East and North Hertfordshire | NHS Trust

There are some wards that have gone for several years without a pressure ulcer, but this is the first time the whole Trust has been for a month without a single avoidable hospital-acquired pressure ulcer....

Take The Pressure Off

Nottingham University Hospitals | NHS Trust

Nottingham University Hospitals is one of the largest acute Trusts in the country we have over 1,700 beds, across 80 wards. In 2011 we launched our 'Take The Pressure Off ' campaign to reduce our incidence of....

Trolley Dash

Weston Area | NHS Trust

Our Tissue Viability nurse, Helen bought some new "Teaching Toys" in the shape of a rubber foot, a "pressure panel" and a bottom! Together , we started to take the teaching aides to wards and departments to....

Leading the Way with Care

Rotherham Doncaster & South Humber NHS Foundation Trust Doncaster Community Integrated Services

Doncaster Community Integrated Services have developed information for patients and carers about the prevention and treatment of Pressure Ulcers...

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

This case study highlights the work that Nottingham University Hospitals Dieticians Team have been doing to help the Pressure Ulcer cause over the last 2 years. ...